When you outsource parts to a third-tier supplier for finishing services, it’s critical that they get started as quickly as possible. You’ve promised your customer a short lead time, and you can’t let anything get in the way of your timeline.

But if your machine shop is ISO certified and your chosen supplier isn’t, getting them on your approved supplier list can be a real hassle. They need to fill out a lengthy survey proving they adhere to the same high standards as your shop. . . and this extra requirement can slow everything down. 

Why risk project delays with an uncertified third-tier supplier when you can get started immediately with one that’s ISO and AS9100 certified?

With United Centerless Grinding & Thread Rolling, there’s no wait time. We’re ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 certified, so we can send you our certifications and get started on your parts right away!

United Centerless Grinding & Thread Rolling’s Certifications

Our precision grinding company was already meeting ISO and AS9100 requirements well before we were certified in January 2021. But we wanted to save our customers the time and hassle of  managing extra paperwork to get us on their approved supplier list. 

As an added bonus, being ISO and AS9100 certified also sends a signal to customers. It shows just how dedicated we are to quality and efficiency here at our Connecticut grinding and thread rolling facility.

ISO certification

Our ISO certification assures customers that we’ve formulated a strong business model to sustain our shop for decades to come.

ISO certification guarantees:

  • Streamlined operations that improve efficiency
  • Internationally recognized quality standards
  • Improved internal management processes

AS9100 certification

While our ISO certification shows that we have a solid business model, our AS9100 certification proves our dedication to quality. 

Our AS9100 certification guarantees:

  • Data-driven decision making
  • Reliable supplier relationships
  • Continual, habitual improvement
  • Operational risk management processes

Although AS9100 certification is specific to aerospace, customers in any industry can rest assured knowing that our centerless grinding shop is prepared to deliver high-quality parts for critical applications of all kinds.

Our Certifications Guarantee Quality, Consistency, and Speed

In short, our ISO and AS9100 certifications benefit our customers in three key ways:

  • Quality: We follow standard processes and procedures proven to result in the highest quality of work.
  • Consistency: We’re required to document everything we do, which helps us build repeatable processes and ensure unparalleled consistency.
  • Speed: We can get started on your parts right away without having to fill out lengthy paperwork that delays the process. 

When you work with a third-tier supplier that isn’t ISO certified, you’re taking a risk. You won’t necessarily receive the level of service that certified shops like us can provide. 

So why work with an uncertified shop if you don’t have to? Trust United Centerless Grinding & Thread Rolling to deliver the quality, consistency, and speed that you need. Contact us today for a free estimate!