When you need a precision grinding company to produce complex parts with exceptionally tight tolerances, you can’t compromise on quality.

Going with the lowest quote from any centerless grinding shop may seem attractive at first glance. But if they can’t hold the tight tolerances your part requires, you risk getting a poorly made part that will cost you more time and money in the long run.

At United Centerless Grinding & Thread Rolling, we’re committed to delivering precise parts with tolerances to .00005” the first time around. 

How do we succeed at these tough jobs when other shops can’t? We have a secret weapon: our ability to rebuild and modernize our tried-and-true centerless grinding machinery.

We Have the Right Equipment to Hold Tight Tolerances 

Newer isn’t always better. Believe it or not, the workhorse grinding machines from the 1960s are more effective at precision centerless grinding than more updated equipment.

That’s because modern machines are built from lighter materials like aluminum and sheet metal, compared to past-generation machines that have cast iron bases weighing thousands of pounds. Those older grinding machines are sturdy and rigid enough to remove stock from even the biggest parts.

As effective as the old machines are at precision grinding, there are two big problems with them. One, the technology is outdated. Two, critical parts like ways and wheel dressers wear down over time.

Most precision grinding companies don’t have the resources to rebuild, repair, and modernize these old machines—but we do! We routinely optimize our equipment to compensate ±.00001” and hold tolerances as tight as .00005”.

How We Rebuild Equipment at United Centerless Grinding & Thread Rolling

When we rebuild our machines, we take apart each and every component so that we can conduct these operations: 

Cleaning and evaluating. Before putting any part back onto our machine, we clean and evaluate it to determine if it’s still functioning properly or needs to be replaced. 

Grinding and resurfacing. We grind and resurface mating parts that fit against each other and wheel spindles that may have worn. We often replace the wheel spindle bearings entirely because they’re so critical for achieving tight tolerances. If the wheel spindle itself is worn down, it is refurbished

Upgrading technology. We take every opportunity to modernize our machine technology. We upgrade belt and pulley systems to servo drives. With help from our electrical engineering team, we upgrade and program critical computer controls that act as the brain of the machine. We even equip the lube system with programmable modern technology.

Don’t rely on just any centerless grinding shop to produce complex parts with tolerances as tight as .00005”. Trust the team at United Centerless Grinding & Thread Rolling for precision centerless grinding services. Contact us today for a free estimate!