Time is always of the essence in manufacturing, and when precision machine shops request quotes for centerless grinding and thread rolling services, they expect a fast response. 

At United Centerless Grinding & Thread Rolling, we value your time and always strive to quote your jobs as quickly as possible. What slows us down, in some cases, is realizing that we have insufficient information from the customer. 

Today, we’re revealing what exactly we need to know to speed up quoting and reduce unnecessary back and forth communications to get you the parts you need—faster. 

How to Accelerate Quoting

Follow these four best practices to accelerate the quoting process for precision centerless grinding and thread rolling:

  1. Clarify when you’re requesting a requote

If you’re submitting an RFQ for a job we’ve already quoted or done for you in the past, let us know up front.

We can quote projects we’re already familiar with in minutes instead of hours, so we typically put requote requests at the top of our list to get them out the door and back to you as soon as possible. 

  1. Include critical information

We need essential information about your part to provide a quick, accurate quote. While this best practice applies to all our capabilities, it’s especially crucial when requesting bar grinding and thru feed grinding services. 

Be sure to include details like stock size, finish size, tolerances, materials, and part length. If we don’t have this information, we’ll have to get it from you before we can complete the quote. 

We also recommend including a solid 3D model for certain complex parts, like those requiring wire EDM services. A model gives us more details than a 2D drawing, which speeds up quoting further. 

  1. Let us know who’s sourcing the material 

Would you like us to source the material, or will you be managing that yourself? Either way, we ask that you simply clarify your preference in your RFQ. 

Many of our customers make parts for aerospace and US Department of Defense applications, so they source and provide their own materials to satisfy traceability requirements. But unless we’re aware of this preference, we’ll contact material suppliers and build pricing for materials into the quote. Clarifying that you’ll be procuring the materials prevents us from needing to revise our calculations.

Keep in mind that when you source your own materials, you’ll also need to provide the actual stock size (instead of the quoted fractional stock size). Even a slight difference can affect machining time, and we’ll have to factor that into the quote.

  1. Specify the services you need

We provide Swiss precision machining and wire EDM services in addition to centerless grinding and thread rolling services. Many customers rely on us for multiple services to manufacture their entire parts. 

During quoting, let us know whether we’re combining capabilities to make a complete part or if we’re finishing parts that have already been machined. 

When you want a fast and accurate quote for centerless grinding, thread rolling, or any of the other services we offer, we’re here to make it happen. Request a free estimate today, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.